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What is the name of the sofa Pontoon? : Donna Summer - named after the legendary disco queen

Why is everything orange and brown? : Ask the 70's - they'll know. We just follow the disco.

How many people will it hold? : 12 - plus the captain

Can we bring our own drinks? : Of course - we're all friends here...

Do you sell drinks? : No, we don't have the license for that

Can we bring snacks? : Sure, if you bring some for the captain

Can we have a barbeque? : Yes - there's a grill, one-time plates, forks and knives, coals and everything needed aboard. Just bring your own food. Note that it costs 200 kr. extra.

Are you closed at night, or on weekends? : No - you can book us any time :-)

Are you certified? Is it legal? : Of course.

I want to do a company/customer/corporate thing. IS that possible? Can I get a receipt? : Of course. If you have special requests give us a call and we'll figure it out.


Copenhagen Denmark
Phone: +45 60566609
Email: info@boatie.dk